Tips to Start Becoming More Sustainable


I want to preface this post by saying that, every effort to be more sustainable is amazing, whether you refuse a plastic straw one day, or you always bring a reusable coffee cup, utensils, to-go box, etc.

Here are some tips on how to start being more sustainable in everyday life:

  • Always try to carry around…

    • A reusable coffee cup: This can be a mug from home, mason jar, a KeepCup, Hydroflask

    • A reusable water bottle

    • A reusable straw: I always keep a small pencil case in my purse that carries a straw, straw cleaner, and reusable utensils.

    • Utensils: I bring metal utensils from home in my bag to avoid using plastic utensils. Bamboo utensil sets are super trendy at the moment, but I recommend using metal utensils since you already have those in your kitchen. *However, bamboo utensils are great for traveling, because you can’t bring metal utensils on flights.

    • A cloth napkin: Use as a food napkin or tissue

    • Reusable tote bag: You can find tote bags anywhere. I personally love Baggus because they come in fun prints and fold up really small, so I can fit them in any purse. It’s great to have an extra bag if I spontaneously buy something during my day.

  • Be conscious of product packaging at stores

    • Try to buy products in glass so that you can recycle the empty bottle when finished. Some packaging is even made from recycled materials or is compostable

    • Try and avoid plastic packaging

    • Find a place to refill your soaps in bulk to eliminate throwing away packaging

  • If you feel shoppy:

    • Try thrifting. Go to local thrift stores or use thrifting apps like Poshmark, Depop, or Thred Up.

    • Try and minimize fast fashion shopping.

    • Research brands to learn about their sustainability values and if those values align with you

    • Maybe try and challenge yourself to a ‘no buy month.’ For example, go a month without buying new clothes.

  • Start with what you have

    • Before buying sustainable alternatives to what your already have, fully use up what you have.

    • For example, use the Tupperware sitting in your cabinet and clean out the jam jar to reuse. Or try and use up your makeup before switching to natural non-toxic makeup.

    • If you don’t feel like using up what you have, consider donating the items

  • See what items you could live without

    • I have tried to minimize my makeup and skincare routines to less products. That way, I buy less and do not produce as much trash.

Let me know any of your tips below in the comments!