I Hosted a Zero Waste Dinner Party

On August 10th I hosted a zero waste vegan dinner party! It was definitely challenging, but I learned a lot and I want to share my experiences with you. I also made a youtube video about it, that I will link below!

For me the term ‘Zero Waste’ is a very strong and scary phrase. I am scared to call myself zero waste because I try to limit my trash, but I still mess up ALL THE TIME. I don’t want to claim to be something and get judged for not doing it perfectly. Even though I am scared of claiming myself as Zero Waste, I try to be conscious of my environmental footprint everyday. I hosted a dinner party to push myself to be completely zero waste with grocery shopping, having guests over, and cooking. This took a lot of time, effort, and planning. Keep reading to hear more about my zero waste dinner party. *and don’t take a shot for every time you read the phrase zero waste in this post. Haha you will get very very drunk

Why I hosted a Zero Waste Dinner Party and why you should too:

  1. To challenge myself /yourself

  2. To see how difficult it would be to be zero waste while shopping and cooking. (How accessible is zero packaged food in my area?)

  3. Is it cheaper to be zero waste?

  4. To inspire others to be sustainable and to talk about limiting plastic and waste in our lives.

Things to think about when hosting a Zero Waste Dinner Party:

  1. Where will I host my dinner party?

  2. How many people will I invite?

  3. What food can I make that will be easy to find without any packaging?

  4. What stores nearby have bulk food sections?

  5. What is my purpose for hosting this?

  6. What is my budget? Do I ask my guests to pitch in some $?

  7. Do I have enough cups, plates, and silverware?

  8. Where will I put my food scraps? Compost?

For my dinner party I ended up making sweet potato black bean tacos. Some challenges we faced were the amount of time it took to cook a full meal (it took wayyy longer than expected), especially dried goods like dried black beans. Another challenge was realizing we had to make tortillas from scratch because we couldn’t find any that were zero waste. I ended up driving really far to a bulk store to buy masa and flour for tortillas, which I couldn’t find at a local bulk store (thank you Rainbow Grocery in SF!). I also did a trial run with the dinner by making tortillas and black beans beforehand to see if I liked the recipes I chose. In the end, the dinner was a great success, and I’m excited to host more sustainability related events in the future.

Please share any thoughts, or your experience trying to be zero waste. If you host your own zero waste dinner party, I’d also love to hear about it(: