My Menstrual Cup Experience

Happy Menstrual Hygiene Day!! ~ May 28th


I thought today was the perfect day to post about my menstrual cup experience, because it’s Menstrual Hygiene Day! Menstrual Hygiene day encourages open conversations about menstruation to reduce stigma and negative social norms. Keep reading for my personal experience using a menstrual cup!!

When I started becoming more conscientious of the trash I was producing and the toxins I was putting in and on my body, I knew I wanted to make the switch from using pads and tampons to more sustainable period alternatives. I decided to try using a menstrual cup! One huge bonus of using a menstrual cup for me, is the fact that they last for years, and would eliminate the 15 tampons/pads I dispose of per period. Another key bonus is that menstrual cups are made only of silicone, and do not contain the glue and fragrance, that tampons/pads often contain.

First, I went to my nearest zero waste store, Eco Collective in Seattle, to purchase my menstrual cup. I chatted with the store owner about which cup she recommended, and why. I ended up buying the smaller Lunette Cup for lighter flows, and I love it! Before buying your first menstrual cup, I recommend researching different brands. There are many different brands and styles of menstrual cups, depending on your flow, age, and the location of your cervix. I am lucky that the first menstrual cup I bought works for me, because I know other people have had harder experiences.

I think switching to a menstrual cup is scary for a lot of people because you have to change the way you’ve been successfully dealing with your period for years and years. I know I was hesitant to try something new, because I was worried about something going wrong like leaking, cleaning my menstrual cup in public, or completely spilling the contents of my menstrual cup while in a public bathroom and being stranded with no change of clothes. Don’t be alarmed! I haven’t had to deal with any of these fears turning into reality while using my menstrual cup. But, to make sure you have no accidents, I would recommend using your cup for the first time on a lazy day at home, so that you can get used to inserting and removing your cup. You’ll also have to get the hang of folding it, feeling to make sure it has opened correctly in your cervix, and taking it out. You will be surprised by how much a menstrual cup can hold. I can leave my cup in all day, and just empty it at night and then in the morning. If you do have to empty your cup during the day and you are in a public restroom, I would empty it in the toilet and bring wipes to clean it. Or, you can just go empty it in the sink, whichever you feel comfortable doing! Again, I recommend watching videos on how to fold it, and to first try out your cup when you have a free day at home. After getting used to my Lunette Cup, I love it, because it never leaks, I can’t feel the cup when it’s inserted, and I can leave my cup in all day. I almost forget that I’m even on my period when I use my menstrual cup.

Here are some menstrual cup resources that I’ve found helpful:

I think every woman should try out a menstrual cup and if you have any questions, please reach out to me!