Plastic Free July


Today is July 1st, which means it is the start of Plastic Free July. A challenge that aims to limit a participant’s use of plastic. I know that there is pressure to be perfect and be completely plastic free, however we need to celebrate the little victories of avoiding plastic in our everyday lives. Today for example, I remembered to bring my own cup to a coffee shop. Yay!

This month is a great time to challenge yourself and see how you can reduce your plastic consumption, this can be through bringing your own cup to a coffee shop like me, or saying no to a plastic straw. Don’t be discouraged if you slip up or use a plastic item! Nobody’s perfect, and we are all just trying to be a little nicer to our Earth.

10 ways to get involved with Plastic Free July:

  1. Bring your own cup

  2. Bring your own Tupperware containers to restaurants

  3. Pick up trash

  4. Bring your own reusable water bottle

  5. Read articles on how plastic affects the environment

  6. Wash your synthetic clothes in a Guppyfriend!

  7. When buying fruits and veggies at the store, don’t put them in a plastic bag

  8. Recycle what you can!

  9. Bring reusable bags to the store

  10. Talk about what you are doing to eliminate plastic with friends and family