Vegan Docs vs Leather Docs: Which is more environmentally friendly?

Dr. Martens are so popular in today’s fashion world. I have a pair of brown leather chelsea boots from Dr. Martens, but have been seeing a lot of influencers I follow promote the Vegan Docs. I have been really curious to find out if Vegan Docs are less harmful to the environment that the Original Leather Docs. Below are my findings!

Vegan Dr. Martens


  • No animals are harmed to make Vegan Docs. #cruelty-free

  • Synthetic materials do not use as many natural resources (for example, water and land) to produce compared to natural fibers.

  • Vegan Docs are waterproof.


Leather Dr. Martens



*Dr. Martens no longer provides a lifetime warranty

Overall, both Leather and Vegan Docs have a lot of negatives. I think that for me, if I want to purchase a pair of Docs in the future, I will try and thrift second hand leather docs. I personally do not like the idea of wearing a shoe that is made of plastic, that will never decompose. Let me know what you think in the comments below!!